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Top 3 alternatives to Donut for Slack is a well know Slack application to send weekly random coffees to coworkers. While Donut has been a go-to, a wave of alternatives is reshaping the landscape. In this article, we’ll spotlight the top 3 alternatives to donut for Slack that bring a fresh perspective to virtual camaraderie and team bonding.

What is the best alternative to Donut Coffee Chat?

Here is the list of best in class alternatives to Donut coffee chat for connecting employees on Slack. All options have a strong Slack integration and an employee matching feature.

  • Alfy Matching
    Alfy offers a great deal of customisable matching options to connect hybrid employees as well as a very cheap price compared to the good-UX and the features included. “Build better relationships at work” thanks to Alfy Matching.
    100% integrated in Slack.
  • Random coffee
    It is “The all-in-one people matching platform that empowers your organization to drive talent potential through smart rituals.”
    The app is not fully integrated in Slack, you have to load an external dashboard to configure the software.
  • Coffee Chat
    “Start connecting your team in just a couple of clicks with templates designed just for the needs of remote and hybrid teams.”
    The app integrates completely in Slack and is simpler than the 2 options above.There is no matching algorithm for example. Price stays quite high though.

What is Donut?

Donut facilitates team-building and social connections within a workplace or community. Donut helps organize and automate activities like virtual coffee meetings, pair programming, or casual conversations among team members. It randomly pairs individuals or groups for these activities, promoting collaboration and relationship-building in a remote or distributed work environment.


You see that there are many other options that Donut, some cheaper, some with unique features providing a great experience for employees. Let us know if you have other apps to list here, we’d love to improve this article with additional choices.

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