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Workaversary or Workiversary? Everything you need to know!

In the contemporary professional world, celebrating milestones is not confined to birthdays and work anniversaries. Enter the realm of ‘workiversaries’, an increasingly popular way to commemorate the anniversary of your initiation into a workplace. But hang on a minute, is it ‘workiversary’ or ‘workaversary’? As it turns out, the popular vote goes to ‘workiversary,’ and here’s everything you need to know about this new tradition that is enhancing workplace cultures around the world.

The Correct Term: Workiversary

While the word ‘workiversary’ might still be absent from the formal dictionaries, its usage is gaining traction globally. From social media platforms to corporate hallways, the term is finding a steadfast place in the professional lexicon.

  • Google: When we refer to Google‘s vast database of search terms, ‘workiversary’ is searched approximately three times more than ‘workaversary.’
  • Instagram: A scan through Instagram hashtags reveals a similar trend with #workiversary boasting twice the popularity compared to #workaversary.
  • X (Twitter): The distinction is even starker on X, where #workiversary is used a whopping twenty times more than #workaversary.

But what is behind this growing fascination with celebrating work milestones, and why is ‘workiversary’ the correct term to use? Let’s delve deeper.

The Roots of Workiversary

The term ‘workiversary’ stems from a blend of the words ‘work’ and ‘anniversary’. This mash-up succinctly captures the essence of the celebration — marking the completion of another year at a workplace. While ‘workaversary’ is also formed from the same parent words, it somehow hasn’t caught on with the same fervor, probably because ‘workiversary’ rolls off the tongue a bit smoother and aligns well with the original word ‘anniversary’.

The Birth of Company-Specific Work Anniversaries

Taking the workiversary trend a notch higher, some companies have come up with a clever twist, amalgamating the organization’s name with ‘anniversary’. For instance, celebrating a ‘Googleniversary’ is now a thing in the vibrant corridors of Google. This personalized approach not only adds a fun element to the celebrations but also fosters a sense of belonging and unity among employees.

Looking for a way to automate work anniversary celebrations?

billy the birthday bot birthday work anniversary celebration message

We’ve got you covered! Our simple Slack/Teams app, Billy (the birthday bot), allows you to streamline the collection of birthdates and work anniversary dates, and automate celebrations by posting a fun and engaging message on the D-Day in the channel of your choice! Read more here about the benefits.

Try it now.

That’s it folks,

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Best birthday bots (2023 edition)

In today’s article, we’re going to explore what a birthday bot (also known as a bday bot) is, why it is important to install one for your company, and which are the best birthday bots available on the market for Slack, Teams, and Discord. Let’s get started!

What is a birthday bot?

A birthday bot is a software tool or application that integrates with platforms such as Slack, Teams, Discord, or other communication and collaboration platforms to help automate the process of celebrating and remembering employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries within a company.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what a birthdaybot generally offers:

  1. Automated Messages: The primary function of a birthday bot is to send out personalized birthday messages on the day of someone’s birthday, often facilitating group wishes from colleagues.
Billy (the birthday bot) employee birthday celebration message in Slack
  1. Birthday Reminders: Automatically reminding users of upcoming birthdays helps to foster goodwill and camaraderie within a company and allows for event planning and preparation.
  2. Integration with Calendar Apps: Many birthday bots can sync with popular calendar applications, pulling in birthday data to automatically schedule reminders and messages.
  3. Customization: Users can generally customize the bot’s settings to control how and when reminders and messages are sent, allowing for a personalized approach to birthday celebrations.

Why is it important to install a birthday bot?

Installing a birthday bot in a company setting can offer several benefits that enhance the social environment and foster a positive culture. Here are some reasons why it is important to install a birthday bot:

  1. Increasing Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Recognizing and celebrating birthdays can contribute to higher employee satisfaction. It shows that the organization values its members as individuals, which can, in turn, boost morale and productivity.
  1. Creating a Positive Work Environment: Celebrating birthdays can add a fun and joyful element to the work environment, helping to create a positive, upbeat atmosphere that is conducive to creativity and collaboration.
  2. Fostering Community and Team Spirit: Regularly celebrating birthdays can help to build a sense of community and team spirit. It encourages people to connect on a personal level and fosters a friendly and inclusive atmosphere.

Best birthday bots per platform (Slack, Teams, Discord)

Top 4 best birthday bots for Slack

Billy (the birthday bot)

By far the best birthday bot for Slack! We might be biased, but the G2 reviews also suggest so 😉 (check out Top 5 Benefits of Using Billy (The Birthday Bot) for Slack)

In a few words: Billy has a very intuitive UI and UX, allowing you to easily streamline your employees’ birthdays and work anniversary celebrations process. It also has an auto-collect feature where it will kindly ask each user for their birthdate and work anniversary date. A huge time-saver!

Install it now!


CultureBot is a Slack bot designed to help teams celebrate birthdays and workiversaries in a streamlined manner.

It enables users to set up notifications for these milestones and send customized messages, fostering connection and positivity in the workplace.

By using CultureBot, companies can enhance morale and cultivate a collaborative and appreciative work environment where everyone feels valued.


Donut is a tool that integrates with Slack to facilitate personalized celebrations for employees, helping to foster a healthy and inclusive work environment.

It offers features like automatic reminders for important dates, allowing teams to plan celebrations in advance according to individual preferences.

Additionally, Donut encourages virtual team-building events to foster camaraderie and ensure no one feels isolated or overlooked.


DailyBot is a tool designed to assist remote teams in cultivating a positive and unified work environment.

It offers features such as giving kudos, using emojis and GIFs for appreciation, and creating a leaderboard to encourage a culture of positivity and recognition.

Additionally, it integrates with platforms like Slack, Discord, and Microsoft Teams to offer birthday and reminder functionalities, promoting a harmonious and organized team culture.

Top 2 best birthday bots for Teams

Billy (the birthday bot)

Simply the best birthday bot for Teams, if we do say so ourselves — and the G2 reviews seem to agree! 😉

In short: Billy offers an exceptionally user-friendly interface, simplifying the process of organizing and celebrating your employees’ birthdays and work anniversaries. Plus, its automated data collection feature courteously prompts each user to share their birthday and work anniversary details, saving you a substantial amount of time.

Get it today!


AnnounceBot is a digital tool designed to facilitate celebrations and recognitions within a team or company setting.

It automates the process of sending personalized messages for a variety of occasions including birthdays, workaversaries, and major holidays, and can even integrate with platforms outside of Microsoft Teams, reaching clients or contractors via email.

Top 3 best birthday bots for Discord


Scottbucher’s BirthdayBot is a digital tool designed to streamline the celebration of birthdays and work anniversaries within a company.

It accommodates different time zones to notify employees of upcoming birthdays and allows for the customization of birthday messages and roles.

Additionally, server owners can maintain control to avoid confusion, schedule celebratory messages, and even upgrade to a premium package for further customization options, including a library of 500 messages and various visual settings.


Birthdayy is a Discord bot designed to help manage and celebrate birthdays within your community or organization.

It allows for the personalization of birthday announcements and enables users to register their birth dates.

The bot offers a user-friendly interface where birthdays can be viewed and sorted efficiently based on various filters, and its settings can be customized for a more tailored usage experience.


NoiTheCat is a versatile birthday reminder chatbot available on Discord, which facilitates the integration of employee birthday details with your Google contacts, ensuring easy retrieval of information whenever required.

It offers the flexibility to send personalized birthday messages through either email or SMS based on your preference.

Additionally, it supports scheduling messages for future dates to orchestrate surprises and can convey wishes in multiple languages.

That’s it, folks! I hope you’re now convinced of how important it is to install a birthday bot in your company as soon as possible and which one will suit you best! Try Billy (the birthday bot) out now!

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Introducing Billy: the birthday bot for Microsoft Teams

Celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries. What a normal thing to do! But as companies went remote and then hybrid, it got lost in the process. Celebrating birthdays fosters team bonding, brings some fun and positivity in the (remote) workplace. It’s one of the most efficient initiative to implement when it comes to improving employee engagement.

Billy was installed by hundreds of companies on Slack and celebrated thousands of birthdays. This is from this enormous success that our team decided to help Microsoft Team users as well. We’re proud today to be introducing Billy: the birthday bot for Microsoft Teams.

The Power of Celebrating Milestones in the Workplace

Research consistently shows that celebrating employee milestones has a profound impact on their job satisfaction and overall engagement. When employees feel appreciated and valued, their morale and motivation soar, leading to increased productivity and retention rates. Recognizing birthdays and work anniversaries is an opportunity to show employees that their contributions are valued and that they are an integral part of the team’s success.

Meet Billy Birthday – A Bot that Spreads Joy

If you’ve been using Slack, you may already be familiar with Billy Birthday. This delightful bot has been brightening up workplaces by celebrating birthdays and work anniversaries with a touch of fun and excitement. With its charming personality and interactive features, Billy Birthday has become a favorite among teams looking to foster a sense of camaraderie and celebrate milestones in a memorable way. From personalized greetings to virtual celebrations, Billy Birthday has proven to be a simple yet effective tool for bringing teams closer together.

Expanding Billy Birthday to Microsoft Teams

We’re thrilled to announce that Billy Birthday is now available for installation on Microsoft Teams! As one of the most popular collaboration platforms, Microsoft Teams offers a vast user base and a familiar environment for teams to come together. By integrating Billy Birthday with Microsoft Teams, we aim to extend the reach of this beloved bot and enable even more teams to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries with ease.

How to Install and Use Billy Birthday on Microsoft Teams

Getting started with Billy Birthday on Microsoft Teams is a breeze. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you get up and running:

  1. Open Microsoft Teams and navigate to the Apps section.
  2. Search for “Billy” in the App Store and click on the installation button.
  3. Once installed, you can access Billy Birthday by typing “@Billy” in a channel or direct message.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up preferences and customize the bot’s behavior.

With Billy Birthday seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Teams, you and your team can now enjoy a host of features designed to make milestones even more special.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few testimonials from companies that have experienced the magic of Billy Birthday:

  • “We are happy to have Billy installed on our Slack, the employees are delighted to receive a little attention on their birthday.” – Sarah, Office Manager @ smallable.
  • “Billy Birthday has been amazing. It’s very intuitive and easy to configure my preferences. I had no problems dealing with Billy Birthday and I loved the functionality of uploading an xls file to import birthdays.” – Victor, Hapyness manager.


Celebrating milestones in the workplace is not just a formality; it’s an opportunity to create a positive and inclusive work environment where employees feel appreciated and valued. With Billy Birthday now available on Microsoft Teams, you can now elevate your team and elevate your culture! Install the app with this link.

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Celebrating Employee Birthdays and Work Anniversaries in Microsoft Teams

Recognizing and celebrating employee milestones, such as birthdays and work anniversaries, is crucial for fostering a positive work culture and boosting team morale. With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, it’s important to adapt to virtual environments and find innovative ways to celebrate these special occasions. In this article, we will explore creative ways to be celebrating employee birthdays and work anniversaries using Microsoft Teams in 2023.

  1. Create a dedicated channel
    Establish a specific channel in your Microsoft Teams workspace solely dedicated to celebrating employee milestones. This allows for easy organization and ensures everyone has access to relevant information.
  2. Collect employee information: Gather essential details such as birth dates and work anniversaries for all team members. Maintain an updated record to ensure accurate recognition.
  3. Virtual Birthday Celebrations:
    • Send personalized messages: Encourage team members to send personalized birthday messages via direct messages or within the designated celebration channel. This creates a sense of personal connection and shows that colleagues care.
    • Virtual parties and games: Organize virtual parties where team members can join a video call to celebrate the birthday. Incorporate fun activities like virtual charades to engage everyone and make the celebration memorable.
    • Digital gifts and e-cards: Encourage team members to send digital gifts or e-cards using Microsoft Teams’ integrated features or third-party apps. These small gestures can make employees feel valued and appreciated.
  4. Commemorating Work Anniversaries: Use the designated celebration channel or a dedicated Teams post to publicly recognize employees reaching work anniversaries. Highlight their contributions, accomplishments, and years of service. If you want ideas for good messages, check out our article about the best work anniversary messages.

Want to simplify this process ? Install Billy, the birthday bot for Microsoft teams

In the virtual work landscape of 2023, celebrating employee birthdays and work anniversaries in Microsoft Teams offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen team bonds and promote a positive work culture. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can ensure that your team members feel valued, appreciated, and connected, regardless of physical distance.

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7 Best Slack communities to join if you’re an HR or People Ops professionals in 2023

In this article we’ll go through a list of must-have communities when you are working in HR or people-related roles. These communities were vetted by us to make sure they are relevant. Please be aware that some of them are created by companies also to promote their own software. Before listing the groups you’ll find a quick list of advantages of joining such communities, then you’ll find the 7 Best Slack communities to join if you’re an HR or People Ops professionals in 2023.

Advantages of joining Slack communities

  • Enlarge your network, build relationships
    Joining Slack communities is a great way to grow your network. It allows you to reach out to people have a common interest.
  • Find experts in your niche
    Slack groups bring together all people related to certain subjects. Joining a group around a specific niche gives you access to the very best person in this subject. Usually these are also pro-active people wanting to share their knowledge. You can also find mentors.
  • Contribute by sharing your knowledge to the community
    Joining a community is also about contributing to it and helping other members.

List of best Slack communities

  1. #People
    On top of the Slack community they also offer a newsletter and a podcast worth checking out.
    Over 6000 people ops, human resources and talent management professionals are involved in a 24/7*365 conversation about anything to do with people.
    Join #People community
  2. People Geeks (by CultureAmp)
    The People Geek Slack community brings together diverse individuals and skilled thought leaders from around the globe.
    Join People Geeks community
  3. People People
    Join other recruiting experts, HR game-changers and talent people to talk about humans-at-work issues and share smart ideas about our changing talent landscape.
    Join People People community
  4. Hacking HR
    With learning, community and collaboration. We are a community of business and HR leaders, HR practitioners, technologists, entrepreneurs, consultants.Join The Hacking HR Community Now!
    Join Hacking HR community
  5. Secret HR Society
    You’ll need to connect with a current member to join this Germany-based community.
    The Secret HR Society is a member referral-only society to evolve Human Resources and connect thought leaders globally.
    Join Secret HR society
  6. Resources for Humans (by Lattice)
    19k+ HR leaders are in the community. This one is a very wide and dynamic community.
    This community is designed to help HR professionals connect, share advice, and ask questions.
    Join Resources for Humans community
  7. The Shape of Work community (by Springworks)
    A networking avenue for People Managers, HR Leaders and People Ops professionals to shape the Future of Work by discovering the best practices, resources, tools and accessing exclusive experiences.
    Join The Shape os work community

Let us know your thoughts on any of these communities, we’d love to have more insights from the inside to see which of them are more relevant after a while. Also if you have a community to recommend, leave a comment under this article 🙏 Thanks for reading us.